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Power Yoga Flow

OBS Passet hålls på Engelska.

Välkommen till ett svettigt pass med inslag av Yoga och andra träningsformer. Vi använder dynamiken mellan rörelse och andning i olika flöden där rörelsen harmonierar med utandning eller inandning. Som meditation med mycket fysisk rörelse får vi igång kroppen, mjukar upp den, andas, stärker kroppen och utmanar den på det sätt som ger oss energi, kraft och bättre fysik och välbefinnande i längden.  


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Möt Xavy

From really young age I developed a love for sports, especially fitness. In 1998 I opened my first own fitness studio in Ecuador together with a good friend of mine. 


After exploring and experiencing the world of fitness for quite a few years, I made my move to Europe, where my interest in what is happening internally - like breath, circulation and heart beat- increased more and more. Basically I dove deeper and deeper into all those functions that the intelligence of our body controls.

This finally brought me to Yoga in 2010.

I successfully completed my first Yoga teacher training in Ingolstadt-Germany in 2014 (200-Hr RYT),  my second in Quito-Ecuador in 2017 (200-hr Yoga & Biomechanics)

In 2019 I became Certified FRC Mobility Specialist (Functional Range Condition) as well as

Certified FRA (Functional Range Assessment Specialist) in Liverpool-England.

The same year I completed the seminar in Kinstretch method in Portland-USA, 

Certified Animal Flow instructor Frankfurt-Germany,

Certified Kettlebell Coach Nesta (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association)

Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Trainer  Akademie für Sport und Gesundheit (Munich-Germany).


Since 2014 I have been teaching and continuously learning and expanding my knowledge. I don’t teach traditional Yoga, my classes are a fluid combination of functional primal movements, active stretching (Kinstretch method) and breathing techniques.

I love travelling and sharing my passion for movement to whoever is open and ready to receive it. 


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